Bespoke Design and R&D

EIC’s design development team is gifted with an extraordinary ability to adapt to ever evolving trends and transform inspirations into alluring products. Radhika being the creative force enjoys expressing herself through hand sketches and works very closely with her highly skilled artisans to create handcrafted masterpieces.

Inspired by originality, narrative and artistry, each of our product is skilfully handcrafted The endeavour is to create a functional, yet unique and expressive product by exploring traditional craftsmanship and skills.

We strive for process refinement and product enhancement by constantly innovating, Reinventing and Customizing concepts, designs and production techniques.

We at EIC are continuously involved in analyzing the dynamic market potential and identifying sales prospects to upgrade and evolve with the market trend. By utilizing the competence of in-house manufacturing to our advantage, we are able to develop new product lines frequently and also keep up with our bespoke product value proposition by achieving customizations and improvisations as per our buyer’s requirements. Every design and product manufactured in EIC is initiated from a hand sketch and  is protected through Copywright which extends benefits to our buyers of being the sole seller of the products they buy from us.

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